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News and articles from the flooring industry and from Designer Showroom of Texas.
How to Clean Wood Floors

You should: Sweep first to get rid of any sand, dust and dirt; Use a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar; Use cleaners (and confirm with an expert from Elegant Floor Service before you start cleaning that it's ok to use) that won't leave residue; Do use a....Continue reading →

How do I Install Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to installing hardwood floors we may seek help of professionals to get the job done. If you have the budget for this then this a great way to proceed, but if you are like many homeowners and your funds are limited, a self-install is on your agenda....Continue reading →

Flooring For The Holidays

Holidays at home are a wonderful thing, but they can also be hard on your floors. Before the season of parties, and mistletoe takes off, find out how to take care of your floors so they’ll be beautiful before, during, and after the holidays....Continue reading

A Guide to Hardwood Maintenance

When it comes to hardwood, maintenance is key - especially here in Austin. For many homeowners, having hardwood installed is one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make in their homes. Below, the experts at Designer Showroom Of Texas have outlined the steps to keeping your hardwood looking like new for generations....Continue reading 

Carpet Trends For The New Year

Trends not only come and go in the fashion world, but also in the flooring industry. Which flooring types are best and why? And which flooring colors are the hottest? These are just a couple questions people ask when they are looking for the latest styles from which to choose. Some designers would argue that....Continue reading

Choosing the Best Hardwood Flooring

Are you looking for an affordable, durable wood to finish your living space? Maple and oak remain the most popular domestic hardwood floor options. Understanding the pros and cons of each choice will help you make a wise decision in the....Continue reading

Laminate Trends for Your Home

These days, laminate floors offer the real look of pricier hardwoods for a fraction of the price. Homeowners in Austin area love the practical benefits of laminate, which include stain resistance, mold prevention, and water repellence. If you’re considering laminate floors for your home, Designer Showroom Of Texas has the perfect match for you. To get your search started....Continue reading

The Best Flooring Choices for Your Bathroom

Having the right flooring in your bathroom is critical. As a busy area of the home easily prone to water damage and mildew, bathrooms need to have strong and resilient flooring. Here are some of our favorites that will remain durable no matter what....Continue reading

What Are the Main Advantages of Hardwood Floors?

Value – Hardwood floors may be a little more expensive to install initially, when compared with other flooring options, but no other floor covering lasts as long. Hardwood floors last for decades and can be refinished several times in their lifetime....Continue reading

When Do Floors Need Refinishing?

You should look into getting your floors refinished when they begin to look a little worse for wear or when you decide to change the color of the wood. Between the time of your hardwood floor installation and the time of your hardwood floor’s replacement, your floor can be refinished and sanded between six to eight times....Continue reading

When to Replace an Old Hardwood Floor

Many benefits of hardwood flooring is that it can be periodically refinished, allowing a homeowner to easily regain the beauty of new hardwood flooring without having to replace the entire floor. However, it is important to bear in mind that even top quality hardwood flooring won’t last forever. Following are some telltale signs that....Continue reading →

Which Flooring Option Will Give You the Best ROI?

In the past several decades, hardwood floors have replaced carpeting as the most desirable flooring option for homeowners. However, because wood floors don’t come cheap, some homeowners are left wondering if they’re worth the investment....Continue reading →