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Carpet Trends for The New Year

Carpet Trends For The New YearCarpet Trends For The New Year
Trends not only come and go in the fashion world, but also in the flooring industry. Which flooring types are best and why? And which flooring colors are the hottest? These are just a couple questions people ask when they are looking for the latest styles from which to choose. Some designers would argue that carpet is not as popular as a hardwood floor. However, carpet can be used to compliment hardwood floors. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision is the customer’s, as carpet preferences can vary.

Carpet Runners

Can runners can provide an excellent choice of protection for heavy traffic areas. Not only will carpet runners protect your floors, they are ideal for complementing wallpaper, room décor, and special designs.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles offer unlimited decorating possibilities. Different colored tiles in a patterned design with different colored schemes can make any room look brighter and more spacious. Carpet tiles can be arranged according to color, size, design, or style. It is the ultimate way to customize any floor while blending in furniture, wallpaper, and chandeliers.

Bi and Tri-Color Patterns

Bi and tri-color pattern carpets are beautifully made. Multicolor carpets, especially the loop or low cut varieties, are practical and durable. Neutral colors like gray or beige — or even some blues — are great for camouflaging dirt and heavy traffic areas. Some carpet tends to show every footstep, but not the loops. These designs are perfect for home or office use.

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