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Laminate Flooring - Which Floor Is Right For You?

Is laminate flooring right for you? Designer Showroom of Texas will tell you why it might be!Is laminate flooring right for you? Designer Showroom of Texas will tell you why it might be!
You're ready for a new floor, but how do you choose from all the options? Natural wood flooring has that elegant look that you like, but you're not sure about the upkeep and the price. Laminate floors interest you because of their low cost and low maintenance, but you worry they'll look fake and start to buckle and bow.

Before you write off laminates or decide that you can't afford hardwood floors, consider all of the modern options. The times have changed, and so have your flooring options. Gone are the days when laminates looked like cheap imitations and when hardwood floors were only an option for ultrawealthy people.

If you're updating your floors, take a look at how natural solid wood floors compare to laminates.

Laminate Flooring

Unlike solid hardwoods, laminate flooring doesn't come from trees. It may look like it does, but this type of flooring is artificial. If you absolutely adore the look of wood, you're in luck here. Laminates give the appearance of being made from solid woods, even though they aren't.

Laminate flooring is crafted to have a wood image on the top. This image is typically glued to a fiberboard core, which is then backed by another layer of nonwood board. New laminate products look much more realistic than past generations of the products did. Along with a more realistic look, these floors are also more durable that older types of laminate flooring.

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